Wortsalat is a German word puzzle game. Play against the computer and try to place as many words on the board as you can! Wortsalat ist ein Wörterpuzzle, indem du gegen den Computer antrittst. Lege so viele Wörter wie möglich auf dem Spielfeld!


Click the correct alphabet for forming the correct word and also save the man from hanging. If forming the word is correct then man will be saved and display you win otherwise man will be hanged(died) for every wrong selection of alphabet and you lose the game will be displayed.

Alphabet Scramble

Identify each scrambled letter in the alphabet


Travessias is a problem solving logic/puzzle game based on the crossing problems.

The Monster Matching Game

play this game to improve your concentration, by finishing all the game level. The Monster Matching Game is a matching game with nice scoring system and picture, Try finish the game as fast as posible more fast you finish the game more score you get.

Spell Fest

Spell Fest is a game where the player spells out a random word from a dictionary by clicking on randomized letter blocks in the correct sequence.


Aim of the game is to complete the map.


Test your skills with this challenging word game. Simply create words out of touching blocks. Guess the super word for more points!

Quotes - The Game

Enjoy a variety of quotes in this intriguing game.


common and simple but addicting and funny