Catch Moles

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Numeric Maze China

这是一款数字键盘训练游戏。必须在开启数字锁定(Num Lock)后才能开始游戏。您要按下正确的数字键,在迷宫中寻找出口。您需要按下目标方格内的数字进行移动。人物只能上下左右移动。如果您卡住了,游戏就会结束,您也可以按下“重玩”按钮从第一个迷宫重新开始。游戏中有5座随机生成的迷宫,难度逐渐增加。

Monkey Eat Banana

Moving around the direction key can make the monkey shaking hold the blank space key ,can jump

Yum Cookies

Your goal in this game with cookies for kids is to place each cookie on specified plate. 8 different cookies are moving along the bottom of the game. Select the cookies by clicking on it then click on the plate with that cookies on it. Play as quick you can because the time is going out. Complete levels by making the goal for each level. Good Luck!

Memory Stacks

An addicting game that combines popular block puzzle elements with the classic game of Memory. Everyone loves Memory, but you;ve never played it like this before!

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