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The Apothecary's cellar

Build your vocabulary with this etymology (word formation) trivia game! Get to know the most common Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes in the English language. Learn new words with their definition, identify their roots and their meaning to be more articulate in English, more accurate in your choice of words, and to improve your writing skills and spelling.

Vowels in Your Bowels

Shoot vowels at rows of winding bowels bloated with pesky letters - clear the bowels by forming complete words in this wacky, story-based, visually striking word puzzle game!

So You Think You Can Think

So You Think You Can Think is a speed intelligence game, testing your nerves and accuracy in 90 seconds! TRY TO GET A HIGH SCORE!!! SHOW YOUR FRIENDS HOW SMART YOU ARE!!

Math Maniac

Math game for children. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division. 10 questions are asked each game


Kids Typing is a game to teach kids what are the letters of alphabet.

Sudoku Hex

Classic sudoku. Don;t know how to play? Read instruction.

Backpack Travels

Backpack Travels is a hidden word game to build your English vocabulary from basic words to more specialized terms. This word search game is also a good exercise for speed reading and accurate spelling. Attain a higher level of literacy and become more articulate as you memorize both common and complex words from 8 grid categories: trip planning, tourism, vehicles, ships and boats, hotels, camping, bicycles, and air transportation.


Try to destroy the numbers in the correct order and archive the maximum score.

SuperPuzzle: Nature (Reflection North Arizona)

It;s time for some real puzzle. Try this great puzzle with Reflection image of North Arizona. See if you are a God;s Puzzle or just a normal one.

SuperPuzzle: Nature (Autumn detail, Escalante)

It;s time for some real puzzle. Try this great puzzle with image of Escalante, Utah. See if you are a God;s Puzzle or just a normal one. There are three modes: Easy mode 16 pieces, Hard Mode, 100 pieces, and the God Mode, 500 pieces.