Jurassic Baby Care

Dream about having a dinosaurs pet ? You dream comes true, your job is to take care of all the little cute dinosaurs. Complete all 7 levels to win the game.

My Snowman

Customize your snowman then show it off.

Painting Birds Hidden Numbers

Steal Gold And Escape 5

Explore fortification ruins, collect items to solve riddles and find all hidden gold and key to open locked gate and escape. Good Luck!

12 Stacks of Christmas

Give Christmas presents to the whole family in this fun physics based holiday game.

Hidden 120 Butterflies

Find 120 hidden butterflies in 12 locations. Each location contains 10 hidden butterflies. You can submit your score at any time you want, but game progress will be lost, to get best result find all butterflies as fast as you can and submit score! Good Luck!

Arrival in Hell 2

Escapes from the prison, where demonic beasts have destroyed the whole place and kill almost every one. This is a Point and Click puzzle game, where you will need to use all your skills to get to your ultimate goal Escape! Featuring more than 40 cuts-scenes, an intense background story, 16 different panels and dozens of puzzles!

Neşeli Banyo

Neşeli bir bebek banyosu.

Kayak Boyama

Kayak Yapan Çocuk Boyama

Heavy Logic