Poozle by yesgamez.com

A nice puzzle game. Objective: Sort the numbers row-wise. Use the arrow keys to sort.

Halloween Sudoku

Sudoku with Halloween symbols instead of numbers. This game contains an unlimited number of Sudoku as they are created by the game itself and checked for uniqueness. Includes Kid, Easy and Normal level. Use your mouse to drag and drop from the pool. Have fun.

Magic Maze

Find the blinking circle in the maze of magic


Classic Sudoku puzzle game. 30 levels over 3 difficulty settings. Use the mouse or the keyboard, notes feature, print feature, timer and highscores.

Christmas Sudoku

Sudoku with Christmas symbols instead of numbers. Including a level for kids.

Card lalala

Card lalala is a memory game. The task is to find the matching cards, discover them all and get to a higher level to earn more points before time runs out. Also a shuffle will occur at a certain time to give a twist on the game.

Sudoku Solver

Sudoku solver is a traditional sudoku game and a tool to solve sudoku’s, try solving AI escargot the most difficult sudoku in the world.

Scent Trail Bot

Use basic logic circuits to programme a bot to complete a series of tasks.

The Name Game

The name game is a fun spelling game that is aimed to teach young children how to recognize letters and spell their name. There are 3 skill levels.

A Super Hard Flags Of The World Quiz