A grand sequel to the quick and addictive game where you battle against time to make as many words as possible from the alphabets you have. The simplicity of the gameplay mechanic leads the player to extremely challenging levels of amazing word-forgery and undeniable awesomeness.

Puzzle Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day puzzle page game

Hidden Gemstones: Horses 2

Help beautiful horses to find 56 hidden gems, you have 500 seconds and each of the horse pictures contains 7 hidden gemstones, wrong click adds 1 second to overall time. Good Luck!

Safes Room Escape 3 Thanksgiving

Somehow you get stuck in a house full of safes , code panels, riddles and turkeys, solve all riddles, avoid all turkeys and escape from Safes room. Good Luck!

Puru Puru Harvest Match

Puru Puru comes with new match 3 puzzle game. Play this new game play puzzle game. Harvest as many vegetables :)

Fifteen Number Sliding Puzzle (n=16)

Puzzle Megamind

Megamind Puzzle page game

Puzzle Messi 150 goals

Messi 150 goals puzzle page game

Puzzle Megamind -2 Metro Man

Megamind Metro Man Puzzle page game

Leonardo DiCaprio

We have been called in to give our all-time favorite from the movies Inception and Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio a complete dressup. Help him to choose what clothes, accessories and makeup to wear so that he can go to the next big film debut in style.