magic martrix

a new and fun puzzle game.

Custom Word Search

Play the classic based word search on the web. Choose from one of twenty categories or create a customized word search.

Puzzle Airplane - 1

Airplane - 1 Puzzle game

Puzzle Felines - 1

Felines - 1 Puzzle game

Real Hospital

You are a doctor in a village hospital. Your aim is to cure as many patients as possible. The cases are real and you have to play real attention seriously. As you proceed you will be promoted to larger hospital handling more important tasks. So try your best to heal the world!

Interactive Gun

You can shoot. You can reload, you can have fun!

Snow White Jigsaw

How long you need for this Snow White Jigsaw?

Picture Vocabulary Test

Picture Vocabulary Test

Lander II

Simple space flight simulator.

Sudoku 24

Sudoku 24 is a classical sudoku game and it contains 3 different difficulty levels. There are 24 unique puzzles.