Follow The Rectangle

A simple game where you are trying to survive by keeping your rectangle inside the big red rectangle. If you fail to do so, you;ll die and have to start over. The red rectangle will go faster and faster and be smaller and smaller.

Defend the Earth

This is a funny game where you shoot down aliens who are going to destroy the earth. And as ammunition you use rabbits... Enjoy.

Sneaky Spy

Find the objects in the picture


Breaking code is to find your intelligence. You will know how smart you are.

Math Challenge

Train your brain with some math every day. Fun game where you can compete against friends who is fastest at math

Kite! Jet! Trampoline!

After a landing gear mishap, a fighter jet is running out of fuel. Unfortunately, the plane has live ordnance under its wings and can;t just make a belly landing. It needs it;s landing gear. Fortunately, the landing gear landed on top of a novelty trampoline on a trampoline delivery truck. The driver attempts to bounce the landing gear back up to the jet and save the day. Adding to the mayhem, the jet is heading towards a minefield for planes -- a kite festival.

Mine Sweep 6

Clear the world from dangerous mines in this exiting new variant of Mine Sweeper. Using hexagonal pieces with six surrounding neighbours, Mine Sweep 6 offers fresh challenges for loyal players of Mine Sweeper and new players alike.

Ezel Puzzle

Puzzle Game for TV series ;Ezel;. In this game you try to put together Ezel;s actors; picture pieces.

SmackDown CM Punk

SmackDown Champion CM Punk Jigsaw Game


Draw a line from one safehouse to the other without colliding with anything. Beware the dangers and keep a steady hand! Fame awaits you.