Маленькие детки

Cute Baby Dress Up

Dress up the cute baby with cute costumes and baby outfits from his little wardrobe. Pick him clothes, accessories and matching clothes!

Одень малышку!

Подбери наряд и причёску очаровательному малышу.

Naughty Baby

It;s a very naughty baby.Please give a good and funny dress up to let him have a good afternoon time.

Fashion Mom and Daughter

Ashley is the youngest beloved of fashion world.And Her Mom has her own style of dressing.They decided to have a spring outing day. Help them try the pretty clothes and shoes!

Дневная няня

Тебе предстоит попробовать себя в роли дневной няни. Следи за детьми, ухаживай за ними, и они будут счастливы и довольны.

Urban Street Dancer

funkygirl is a great street dance dressup game this is favourate childs and girls

Lovely Sucking Baby

Little Candy is very naughty. Though he is young, he loves to wear beautiful clothes and use different kinds of feeding bottles. If he doesn’t like it, he will cry. Now help him to dress-up and give him the best feeder.

Cindys Baby Room

Welcome to another baby game from Cindysgames.com. Use the buttons to decorate this cute baby room.

Baby Shower Games

Dress up the baby to be a more pretty,cooler or amusing boy.A moment later,he will have a fashion show for publicity.It;s obvious he is a top super shower.

My Secret Garden

Giving me a secret garden only belonging to me.I will singing,dancing and playing with animals,flowers and sunshine.I believe it will make me grow up healthy in my green world.