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Hannah Montana Jigsaw Puzzle

A new Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) Jigsaw puzzle. With 3 brand new photos of Miley Curus. You choose your favorite Hannah Montana photo and how many puzzle pieces.

Question Quest

Exciting and fun vocabulary learning game. With user developed content.

Piano Tutor

Piano Tutor. Learn music.

Quadratic/Pythagorean/Area+Volume Calculator

This is a simple calculator which can be used to solve: quadratic equation- (remember the x^2 stuff) all you have to do is enter the coefficients! This calculator is very useful to check your Homework Pythagorean theorem- (remember the 3 sides of a right triangle) all you have to do is enter 2 sides of a triangle, and it will tell you the third side. Area/Volume of Basic shapes- you can select basic shapes and enter values and you will the the area or the volume. It can be great for checking work or avoiding tedious work :)

Addition Test

Addition Test,choose correct answer

Tang Poems

Match Chinese characters with their pinyin or with their meaning in this smart game to build your basic Chinese vocabulary. This game is a good exercise for both Chinese character pronunciation and Chinese character comprehension. Also learn about two-character Chinese words and expand your vocabulary. This game is the first of a series of three.

Multiplication  Test

Multiplication Test

Division Test

Division Test

The Mathematical Ability Base Training

The Mathematical Ability Base Training

Tang Poems 3 - An Autumn Night Message to Qiu