Revenge of the Stars

Millions of asteroids are approaching, you only have one planet to defend yourself with. Earth... Smash through the incomming asteroids using earth to survive as a star! Choose from 4 different star types each with benefits and try to survive for the longest time swinging earth around into asteroids while trying not to get hit.

Bowman 2

Bowman from many good games.


A magical orb from the sky drops though the 9 zones. Guide it though its journey and help it avoid the debris.


Platformeye is a simple platformer - collect all bonuses and reach the exit!


Poke as many frogs as you can before time runs out, but watch out for the frowny face frogs! If you get enough points you will move on to the next round, and the frogs will get faster!

Pacman Ultra

Retro arcade action! Guide NomMan around the maze eating the dots and avoiding the hungry ghosts. Eating the Power Pills will allow you to turn the tables on the ghosts for a limited time. Eat the fruits for bonus points. Score: Pill – 10 points Power Pill – 50 points Ghost – 200 – 1600 points Fruit – 1000 points

Blitz Bombz

It;s not easy being a cloud. Especially when pesky bombs keep getting in your way. Luckily you;re a tough little thundercloud. Zap the fuses with your lightning bolts and watch the bombs explode! But make sure you match the bolt color to the bomb or the bomb stack will grow taller.


ShieldAvoider The game is of the type avoider/surviver. The player (green ball) tries to avoid the enemies, represented by red balls. Around the player orbits another ball which acts as a shield to the player, destroying any enemy in contact.

Smileys of Doom!

Try to avoid the evil smileys in this fun avoider game!


Those pesky fly;s! This time they have gone too far, Mr. Fly and several thousand of his relatives have teamed up to try and drive you mad! Don;t let them Buzz your brain till it explodes, fight back by squishing the fly;s. Careful though the buzzing will eat away at your sanity, as will each click, only by smashing fly after fly can you hope to hold on to what little sanity you still have.