Space Trophy: Survival

Dynamic space game (helicopter-like) where you can control your spaceship only with left mouse button.

Black Snake

Take the foods and whatchout the walls

Attack of the Buttons

Click on the evil buttons to repel them so you can click your good button and gain points!


Bloat. was created in roughly twenty-two hours by our company president Ryan Henson Creighton, for the weekend game design expo TOJam 4.

Jewel Game

collect the all jewels

Kill Time In The Office

Goof off while your boss is not looking. If he comes out, click on your computer to get back to work.

Eddy Adventures

Help Eddy to escape from no colours world

Asteroids Strike Back

Save the ship from the retaliating asteroids!

Popcorn Phobia

Avoid popcorns so that you can stay alive.Collected items will go to your inventory.In which you can use them later throughout the game.There are 2 items.press 1 to use health pack and 2 to use slow time.