Testing your hand eye coordination with this simple but addictive little game. Stop!t exactly at the target time to maximise your bonus score.


Feel like drawing? In Sketcher you have to connect points to draw a picture. It;s THAT simple! Eight entertaining levels await you with pretty pictures as prize!

Chicken Egg

Colect the egg

Burger Maniac

make burgers n sell them....before the buyer get angry

Mad Karate Man

MKM it;s a time reaction game with a cool retro-arcade visual style Features 16 upgrades giving a rich replay value, and save progress It;s quite unique in the genre, focusing in the user intereaction in every step of the gameplay

Close Call!

The object of the game is to control both the Blue and Red balls, but don;t let them touch. However, if you can get them close without touching, you can activate the Close Call! for more points.

Alien Jumper

Get higher, pass all game levels and submit your score! That;s the main aim of the addicting jumping game Alien Jumper. Use arrow keys to run left and right and spacebar to jump. Hard run allows bigger jumps. Combine big jumps in order to get more points. Bounce off the wall to increase your speed. The game is over when either time is up or you are below game field level for 3 seconds. Tip: Hold spacebar constantly down to maximize your jumping potential

Bugs Buster

Many bugs in the house, you must remove that bugs.

Greedy Crab

Crab Don is so hungry, so he decides to find some food in the sea. Please use the direction keys to control his pincers so that he can catch fish, fruits and other food. There are some special tools may help him. Have fun with crab Don!


Poke out eyes for fun!