Odd Missile Defense

A very simple Missile defense game. Just don;t let the Missiles hit the four buildings.

Prim Alarm

Fred adores 2 things: Food and Sex with his wife. In 1 version of the game you have to feed Fred as much as possible and not lose a single hamburger or a chicken leg

Cloud Jumper

This game was aimed to be a retro style simple arcade game that seemed to play like any of the old games from back in the day, I;m not really sure if we quite got that but thats up to you to decide.


Change colors fast in order to achieve success! Collect drops of the same color platform in order to score big points! Max out your score!

UFO Ride

You are flying through a asteroid field! Help the alien navigate his ship safley.

Just Click

Click the higher to lower number in the white. completed it and you can next step to next next level.

Bomb Escape

Suppose you are a pilot with great flying skills. The plane you piloted was suddenly attacked by your enemy;s air force. Please try your best to excape from the missles, otherwise your plane will be blown up. Start the escape!


Eat the red balls with your dragon kite !


Brave Hedgehogs jumping on trampolines and popping colorful balloons! That’s entertainment.

Sad eye Fred

Try to make Fred happy. Click on selected parts of his body as fast as you can.