Navigate Spacecupid and collect as many hearts as you can while avoiding the asteroids

Beat the beetle

Beat the beetle is al about beating a beetle around and drive your opponent caterpillar crazy. A little bit of pong, a little bit of fullscreen.nl. If your timing is right, so will be your score, you play best of five.


Move the little block to avoid the obstacles and make your way out of the cave.

Stickmen hate Valentine's Day

How long can a stickman survive on Valentine;s Day? Dodge the hearts for TWO MINUTES to Win the Game!

Arrow Challenge

Type the arrow keys fastly

Geometrix Snake

Catch all of the Earth symbols. You can eat green planets to cut the long tail.


You are an automatic mining robot who has been sent to mine on the nearby asteroid field. use the arrow keys or WSAD to fly around and let the little mining drones onto the rocks. Keep in mind that the longer you drill the faster thelittle devils work so don;t get too comfy! In case of any damage of the core, as wings are too flexible to be destroyed, return to base immediately!

Catch the apples

Just run and catch apples! But it`s not so simple after few levels...


Clear infected computer circuity of the viruses with your Salamanda Mk-1, the most sophisticated defense we have available. Fight through enemy waves and destroy each of the bosses. 9 levels of sidescrolling shooter fun.


Simple arcade game.