Cannibal Penguin

It;s Penguin Eat Penguin out there in cold Antarctica...

stay on the raft

Will you please keep the poor guy afloat! Or else he will maybe drown :O We don’t want that.

Chicken Egg

Catch all the eggs many as you can.

Just get the cake

In this epic adventure the robot has stolen Harry;s prized poessesion - HIS CAKE! - Chase the evil robot and get that cake back! Hint: Maybe we shouldn;t always do what weren;t told... :-p And no, the cake isn;t a lie... or is it? No it isn;t... maybe it is... bleh...

Jetpack Penguin

I;m a Shooting Star Leaping Through the Sky Like a PEEENGUIIIN

Finger Frenzy World

How fast can YOU type the alphabet?

Online Tanks

Online Tanks is an online, multiplayer game. Try to blast your opponent before you get blasted. Visit www.onlinetanks.com to create an account and keep the weapons and shields you buy.

Brick Smasher

just a simple brick smasher game

Piggy Cow

Piggy cow are going insane and escape from their fold !!

Happy Tree Friends Fire Escape

It’s a five-alarm fire and there’s nobody but Flaky to help the trapped victims get out of the burning building safely.