puzzle in puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle - puzzle in puzzle

Animal Love Puzz

Two jigsaw puzzles in one with puppies. You can choose the number of pieces.

rare cars jigsaw

Jigsaw Puzzle -rare cars

chin chun kick

Jigsaw Puzzle - chin chun kick

Hubbo Mahjong HK

There is an ancient secret in the land of the Hubbo clan. They did not know that they were the preys of a specie called ;human;. Ninbo the hubbo king decided to declare a mahjong war against the human. Now, for survival they must win every game. Humans, can you do it? Play the best 2D flash mahjong on the internet and compete with the rest of the world.

Smartris Flash

Tertis like with two modes, marathon and defi.


SudukiMix it;s not only classic sudoku game, but also it has new type of the game - puzzle. This game is real gift for sudoku;s fans

Easter Physics

Easter themed physics game. Get the eggs to fall into the baskets of the same color

Crazy Bounce

The game is named “BOUNCE”. In this game the player will control a ball through arrow keys. The task at hand is to avoid the blades on the way and reach the finishing flag.There are many different buttons on the way that perform various task like opening the path, stop the blade movement etc. so the player has to play the game and understand the tricky path, this makes the game very interesting.

classic pool

Quick pool game as you only have limited time to pocket them.