Wurmies are finished when every open joint is connected to another and closed. Open joints should never touch the walls or the back of a wurmie.


METEOR. Puzzle. Destroy all the meteor with bomb chain after reach the danger zone

Star Marbles

Star Marbles is a simple but addicting puzzle game that is just fun playing.

Multiplayer - Dots

Multiplayer Dots is a game of fun. Take turns, joining dots to form blocks and win.

Jurasic Pinball

Collect point with your pin ball

Five Secret Stones

Arranged 5 pin to horizontal or vertical


Classical Tic Tac Toe with levels. I think you can;t win the computer.

Brick Obama

just play bricks with obama


An addictive puzzle shooting game

Auway Gobang

As a traditional board game played with go pieces (black and white stones) originated in China. The black one should go first. Every chessman must put at the cross. The man who first makes 5 chessman in a row win the game.