It’s a simple aim and strike game, the aim of the game is to disband the black guarding coins and pot white solider coins & red king coin into the corner pockets to free them from the formation. The fat guard coins don’t move much and rebound everything that hits on to them, so be sure that to avoid them while aiming. Do not pocket the Striker or other Black guard coins or you lose a strike. Finish the board by sinking all white solider and red king coins in time and in minimum number of strike to earn maximum score.

Do You Still Miss Your EX

See how you rate, do the EX quiz do you still miss your EX

Easter Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you put together these puzzles of cute pictures of Easter holiday themed photographs? Keep playing to try out other puzzles with some photographs more difficult than others.

Lady GaGa Fan Quiz

Test your Knowledge about Lady GaGa with this Hot new Quiz

Crayon Blocks

In this game you have to move other blocks away and move the red block to Exit

Cat Joke Shooter

Cat Bubble Jokes, shoot the bubbles get a new cat joke

Vampire Joke Shooter

Shoot the Bubbles to See New Vampire Jokes Funny Shooting Jokes

Dog Joke Shooter

Funny New Dog Jokes Every time you shoot a bubble a new joke


The main concept of the game is to make the make the other side of the coins to be put in check by the player’s coins by moving in the highlighted yellow path without being checked by the opponent one. The game ends when all the coins were killed by any player


The main concept of this is to answer all the provided questions correctly in less time and score the maximum points by selecting the correct option for the question displayed.After selecting the option move to the next question by pressing the next button.