Zebra aka Einstein's Puzzle

Challenge your brain and solve these 10 demanding Zebra aka Einsteins; Puzzles.

Banana Bubble Joker

Funny Joke About Bananas Blow Up some Bubbles See a New Joke LOL

Fishing Bubble Pop Jokes

Funny Jokes About Fish Pop some Bubbles see some fish jokes LOL

Fruit Bubble

Clear all the bubbles of fruit from the board, scoring as many points as possible.

Time Frustrated

An almost impossible puzzle, all you have to do is get all nine clocks pointing to 12 o;clock; simple, not quite every time you move one clock two others move!!!

Zombie Tic Tac Toe

Zombie Tic Tac Toe - A tic tac toe game that has a zombie theme to it. Features one player and two player modes. Play with mouse or wiimote.


Collapse smiley blocks in a fun match3 game with two game modes.

Twist and Shoot

Roll up, roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - hit the pegs to win a prize, but don;t get dizzy spinning the board...

Magic World Entertaiment

Magic World Advanced Jigsaw Game, Art by Ayaz...

Bee Switcher

Funny puzle board game ,Try make all bees same only!!