fast reaction

A simple game

Gaia Jigsaw

Gaia puzzle!


Clear the field of bricks as quick as possible. You have to choose three bricks with the same motive to get a match so that they will dissapear. Play through 5 levels to be able to enter the highscore.


Ederon is a multiplayer online collectible card game that you can play from any browser over the internet. Manage your deck, buy boosters, trade cards, go to tournaments and level up in this incredible online world!

Shanghai Firefly

Save the fireflies from the candle by placing them on the other side of the vine.

Ultimate Online Checkers

A new twist to the classic online checkers game. This time it;s not just about who can make the best moves, but who can make the best moves while using the ultimate powerups!


Blinkin; is a board game sure to have you scratching your head. Toggle connected lights on and off to clear the board and solve the puzzle. 4 difficulty levels and 40 premade boards.


Sexxes - beat your opponent by shooting his checkers out of the board... 3 levels included