Tic Tac Dead

Multiplayer - Tic Tac Toe

Multiplayer Tic Tac Toe Game with member login/register, guest and hi-scores.

Conquerors of the island

The game is based on the ancient game Ludo. The main objective is to lead all the characters through the field and capture the pyramid. You should prevent the characters of another race from doing that. When you catch the character you throw him to the beginning of the way.


Aim of the game is to reach the finish point before the enemy.

3D Maze

Lead the blue dot thru the 3D maze to the red dot as fast as you can.

Chess Master 2

The rules same like the others chess game

Follow the lines

Follow the line with your mouse, and complete the 15 levels. Good luck!

Are You desprate

Find out if you are desperate do you need a relationship take the quiz see how you rate

Is love in your air

Are you in love is love in the air when you are with your partner take the quiz

Is he into you

Find out how much he likes you the better you rate the more he is serious take the quiz