На логику

Dracula's Prey

Avoid being bitten by the hungry vampires who seek your blood and see what score you can get!

Project Rhubarb

Eat all the rhubarb and avoid enemies in this Pacman clone.

Retro Chain Reaction

Blow up mines, create the biggest chain reactions to get more points.

The Marble Game

Shoot The Marbels to Match 3 or More & DestroyThem! It;s Not That Simple! Spin Your Head Around to Find How to Pass Even The First Level!


Destroy stars by creating groups of 3.


Navigate the numbered blocks in this innovative, intriguing and original puzzle game - as simple and addicting as Sudoku!

The Egg

Very nice and funny graphics. You play as a hen. You have to hatch the eggs in the farm before time runs out. There is also foxes who always trying to steal it from you.


Can you finish a Rubik;s Cube?

Bouncing Letters

Destroy balls by forming words with the letters on the balls.

Typing Monster

Type in the magic spells to destroy the monster!