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Blast Wave

Strange things have been happening in happy space recently, odd holes have been opening everywhere and through them have come angry circle people. The happy square chaps that live in happy space have asked you (very kindly i might add) to dispel these circular misfits back to where they came from. This is my second flash game so i hope you all enjoy it :)


Drag the maze with your mouse to collect spheres and make Kira and Kimo meet again!

La Patisserie

Help Ratatello to run his cafe shop and make money to improve and get famous.


Funny Arkanoid-like break-out game in which you move the paddle along the outside of a circle using mouse, grab extras and try to keep the ball inside. And of course, destroy all orbs placed inside the ring!

Rocket Rodeo

Rocket Rodeo is a reflex based puzzle game that;s both very unique and very charming. The objective is to force rockets to collide with each other by dodging them at the very last second. Levels are inventive and challenging and each new level will force the player to experiment and think about the path of the rockets.


Infinite catching of blue and red points using different ways.

Manic Mouse Maze

Guide your mouse through a variety of fun and exciting mazes while avoiding dangerous obstacles, and terrifying bosses, see how quickly you can get to the end.


A fun arcade classic. Join the sky balls as they jump up and down on a seesaw in the clouds to get points and bonus time. Remember to catch those combos.


Shoot objects and complete puzzles as they spin around and around the drain in this dizzying shooter. Guaranteed to make your head spin!

Space Pop

and [RIGHT] arrow keys." howto="You are in control of a circular heap of planets with a dead gray planet at its center. During the game, planets appear from all directions moving towards the center and sticking to the heap. The heap can be rotated using [LEFT] and [RIGHT] arrow keys, which allows you to change where the planets stick. Chains of three or more planets of the same color pop and vanish. Gray planets will not pop and vanish if you line three or more of them up. But they will burst if the planets next to them pop. Planets stuck in the heap for too long will turn into dead gray planets. The heap grows until it crosses the circular heap boundary at which point the game is over. Good luck!"/]