На логику

Find The Pixel

Click like a mad man to find the hidden pixel before your time runs out! The explosive particles effects are more than eye candy, they indicate your proximity to the pixel. Observe wisely! Now go forth and click hard!

Letter Fix

Every letter seems to have lost 3 dots . How many letters can you fix in 3 minutes ?

aMaze 2

aMaze 2 is the second installment of the aMaze series, in this fun little time waster, you must make it to the target through mazes that get harder tricky to navigate as you progress. You must lay a new trail to gain points and if you repeat a path you will lose points. Good luck.

Letter Fix 60

Every letter seems to have lost 2 dots . How many letters can you fix in 60 seconds?

Jumpie 2

Jumpie is back! New graphics, new gameplay + 24 levels! This time you must jump through all the rings and pass all the levels.


Collect as many bubbles possible in this enjoyable casual game by Frosmo.com.

Finding fault Games (yingbaobao marine store)

Test your eyesight is to bring together all of the two images differ, all to find out, refueling

Ninja Turkey

Help the red ninja turkeys! Left mouse click to shoot! Use pistol, shotgun and machine gun to kill enemies! Get highest score in 60 seconds!

Sheep Chronicle

Pink sheep is no cotton candy. She walks through the history of sheeps and refuses to fall in the rank..

Money is Coming

Money is like tsunami. You have to run before you get buried!