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Click a Lot

This one is a classic. Test your speed and reaction skills in this legendary speed test game.


To penetrate into the mystery of eternal life. To create the world from zero and to go all the way from the new-born to the Creator. To juggle with your karma like with ordinary balls. Will you be able to go all the way through?

Worm Heroes

Hungry piranhas are approaching to Wormtown. Every month those piranhas kill and eat a lot of worms but now you can change that situation. Scientist worm have an incredible crazy machines to defeat the enemies. Those machines convert apples in a special food for the piranhas. Help our heroes! Be a hero!


Create chain reactions to fill a required percentage of the screen.


it;s kinda like break out, except, you wont be breaking out of anywhere soon!

Colour Bugs

A new unique game that addicting to play contain 25 levels + Unlimited after 25 levels All bugs will gone and reduce your score if you don;t bubbled them There will be more than 5 bugs type in game Each scored 5000 get 1 bonus life The game over when your life reach 0 (zero) there are 4 lifes at the beginning Try the game and get Hi-Score!

Spider Bubble

Let your spider create groups of 4 or more of the same coloured bubbles.

Colorbounce: Competitive

Its time to color the worlds again in competitive, high-score driven version of popular Colorbounce game!


There;s nothing like a good old-fashioned quick-paced online puzzle game is there?! Bozzle is seriously simple yet fantastically fun online game! Shoot the same colored cannonballs at the identical cannonballs looming overhead. Get three or more touching colors and you clear that group. Aim cunningly to blast away numerous groups in one go! You;ll need nerves of steel as you progress in this game. More colors are introduced; the balls start off lower and you;ll need to go berserk to keep up with the load!!

Cascade 2

In Cascade 2 you have to click on the large areas of coloured blocks to get rid of them, and do it as quickly as you can. The difference between this and number 1 is there;s no timer in this version. But don;t breathe a sigh of relief just yet, we;ve plugged in an extra challenge this time round. Rows of blocks pop up from under your blocks, so you need to keep on top of it.