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Long john silver has lost his treasure! Help John retrieve his treasure by catching the gems as they fall from the sky! catch them on the plank! then when you reach a certain weight you keep them gems (they get added to your score!) and have to catch more! Some gems are worth more than others but might be more tricky to balance! When the weight of the gems left is not enough to complete the level the game will end! HOW RICH CAN YOU GET?!

Word Reactor

Word Reactor is a word game with physics. Connect falling blocks to form words and make them explode. Reuse letters before they explode and score bonus points. You can also grab blocks and move them around or throw away. In challenge mode you will also encounter immovable blocks. But beware of the restless laser!

Animal Stackers

See how high you can stack the animals!

Fat Cooker

At Fat cooker has a great problem, he can’t lose weight. You Need to monitor carefully the balance of his weight in the game and help him to loose it.

Shark Ball

The most kind shark in the world has an original fun! Shark is playing a game which itself came up, and apparently she likes it!


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Save bees trapped within colored cells and experience match-three kind of fun in this non-grid original puzzler. The puzzles never repeat, ever.

Scary Maze 3

Get sticky Chicky through this fun maze. Don;t let the little chicky touch the walls or he will stick!

Angel's Hidden Stars

Someone has put stars in Angel;s pictures. Help Angel find the stars!

Cindy's Matching Game

Match the pictures in order to advance to the next round.