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Gem Blitz

Gem Blitza new way to match Gem.---Gem blitz. Connect two diamonds, which are same in shape and colour, with no more than three lines to make them offset each others. If you link another pair within two minutes, you make a double-offset.

A Maze Race II (Facebook)

Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.

Mancala (Facebook)

Play Mancala against the computer.

Math Lines (Facebook)

Destroy balls by adding to 10.

Bricks Breaking Hex (Facebook)

Destroy blocks in this hex variant of the classic Bricks Breaking game.

Biffs Box Panic!

Pick up the boxes and pile at least 3 of one colour up to remove them. Kind of tetris game with different controls.

Fish Find!

Accuratley and quickly click on all the fish you see of that fish type! Get combo;s of accurately clicked fish to get a huge combo bonus!

Binary Chaos

It is the year 2050... A new type of threat has arisen to the nation: the hacker. Yet again, another hacker, this time named J.T., has compromised national security. This time, he has everything he wants at his fingertips. All he needs to do is press one key to drop a nuke on the recently formed Mars Alliance and start a full-scale war! It is up to you to save the nation by matching up all of the blocks so you have control again. Good luck!

Move => [ArrowKeys] Swap => [D] Execute => [S]"/]
Ballgame DX

Guide your marble through the levels by dodging obstacles and opening the matching colored gates (by hitting them).

Move => [ArrowKeys]"/]
Dry Mouth

Drymouth is a puzzle game. What you do is follow the numbers above and to the left of the field to see which blocks you should punch out. When all the blocks are correctly punched out, the pattern will form a picture. Oh, doesn;t this sound neat? Yeah, it gets better. If you make mistakes, or a slime eats you, or whatever, you will lose time and eventually lose. But no! It doesn;t have to be like that! you can eventually win if you;re good! yes! Drymouth!

; Move = [Arrows] Actions = [D]"/]