Keep your fingers safe and become the Knife Master. P.S: do not corrupt the desk.

Aşk-ı Memnu Yapboz

Serinin 2. oyunu, bu oyunda yine çok özel resimler mevcut, Adnan Bey;in Nihal;in, Bülent;in , Bihter ve Behlül;ün Çok Özel çizim resimleri sizleri beklemekte, parçaları birleştir en kısa zamanda sen bitir!. Skorunu kaydetmeyi unutma!

Baby drummer

Baby drummers playing music concert.

One Wheel Frenzy

This-is-madness! Mighty gravity force pulling you down and all that stuff is blocking your way. You have to learn to ride your one wheel bike quickly before losing your balance for good. You play as a creepy circus clown trying to avoid all trash comming your way. As the game speeding up, keeping him on the track would be more difficult. Will you reach the apocalyptic Moon surface? There are two game difficulties to choose from, normal and hard. In the hard one you can;t jump but you get twice more points when you finished.


Skullrun is crazy skull full 3D Rhythm game in which you must cross 9 different bridge and achieve the highscores!


This is an evil aspect of the era. Please pick up your weapons!!!


Just move without touching the walls and discover how steady you are..

Space shooter

It’s a new space shooter game. Play and update your skill. Don’t leave without going level 2. New thing is waiting for you. Don’t miss it.

Mind Budge

An exciting easy mind game which eventually test your memorizing capability and agility of brain. Player will be prompted to answer according to some matched set of number and letter combination in a quiz manner. And game machine will calculate players efficiency of mind. The game is a very good exercise of brain.

Crazy Rabbit: Dino Park

Arcade, control character in which the voice with a microphone.