Quickshot Elite

Shoot as many targets as you can. Special targets give special bonus.


Relaxing and minimalist one button game puzzle

Bomb Squad

Type as fast as you can, before the fuse burns out!!

It's a Busy City


Seems simple: dodge the green/blue squares for as long as possible. Not for long!

Finding fault Games (yingbaobao Restaurant 3)

Test your eyesight is to bring together all of the two images differ, all to find out, refueling

Trip de bouffe

Try to eat as many flies as possible but make sure you don;t touch any bees!

Squares vs Circles

Move the the shapes and try to touch the yellow ones and avoid the blue ones.

Take me to the Disco

A trippy game of avoidance. Dodge the other disco goers for as long as you can while collecting powerups for points. Once you collect enough you will go into berserk mode which gives you the ability to explode people into clouds of pretty colours for big points!


HoppyHop is very nice and colorful highscores game, in which you must get as far as you can and collect all extra score on your way!