Music IQ Quiz March 2010

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Guest the words what is in the same clue

Brick Square Head

Sweet platformer. You can choose the time of the platforms; appearance yourself, using game timeline. Turn your enemies into your friends. And you choose in what moment of time will the obstacles appear.

Ice Smash

The sudden Ice blast has frozen the lake and its inhabitants. Mamma Tortoise is in search of her babies and found them all frozen to ice. She is determined to free them all by smashing the ice.

Vending Machine Champ

The eternal struggle of man versus vending machine continues under the lights of the Snackdome. It takes a quick and accurate touch on the mouse to finesse a tasty snack treat from its metal-and-glass prison fast enough to be crowned champion. Do you have what it takes, or will you be just another blood stain in the ring?


Your keyboard is your instrument - can you feel the beat? Test yourself against driving rhythms and complex melodies, and discover awesome new music!

Garbage Grab

Grab and fill the trash , have 6 level have to be done

Black Hole

Catch energy before it runs out. Be quick, watch out for black holes and bad energy.


Piano simulator.

Oddball Olympics!