Pepe Pillz 2

Mr. Hebert is back and this time he has escaped from the local hospital. Help him evade the fat nurse and avoid various obstacles by jumping, double jumping or sliding.


Set same signs on edges of the box beside each other. Click on the box to rotate.

Sponge Bob Jellyfishing Jigsaw Puzzle

Sponge Bob Jellyfishing jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy.

Olympic Gems

Olympic Gems is a mega-addictive puzzle game jam-packed with fun features and twists. It takes you and your friends on an exciting gem-swapping journey back to ancient times to conquer Mount Olympus. Check out who will be the first to make it from a slave to the almighty king of the gods! Ready, Set, Swap!


Your brother has been transformed into an owl! Flip letters to form words and cast spells, with luck you;ll change him back to normal before anyone notices!

Super Amazing Tiger Boy

Super Amazing Tiger Boy needs your assistance in blast the aliens in their red eyes!

Space Devourers

It;s an enjoyable shooting game. Next version will publish soon.


making the character;s paranoya


Make your own hangman puzzles and share them on social networks with hangtwit!


An exciting puzzle cum mind game where you need to stop the mounting of the coloured blocks