Kite! Jet! Trampoline!


After a landing gear mishap, a fighter jet is running out of fuel. Unfortunately, the plane has live ordnance under its wings and can;t just make a belly landing. It needs it;s landing gear. Fortunately, the landing gear landed on top of a novelty trampoline on a trampoline delivery truck. The driver attempts to bounce the landing gear back up to the jet and save the day. Adding to the mayhem, the jet is heading towards a minefield for planes -- a kite festival.

A Key = Plane Nose Up D Key = Plane Nose Down W Key = Engine Power S Key = Flaps G Key = Drop Gear Mouse = Truck Location Tilting the nose up slows the plane but gains altitude. Tilting it down does the opposite. Kites damage the plane. Save the plane and score points by bouncing the landing gear through the kites. Make sure to bounce the gear onto the plane before landing.

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