Avril Lavigne Dressup

Dress singer Avril Lavigne in cool clothes and accessories!

Always Brightest Jackson

Michael Jackson is the greatest pop singer, and he is always the brightest singer that living in people’s heart. Now dress him up and let him always be the coolest star on the stage.

Gillian Anderson Dressup

Dress up actress Gillian Anderson and pick the right accessories and hairstyle for her!

Glamorous Dressup

Selena loves to be surrounded by glamor - make sure she picks the fanciest and most glamorous clothes from her spectacular wardrobe.

Katy Perry Dressup

Dress singer Katy Perry in glamorous clothes and accessories.

Britney Spears Date Dress Up

Help your favorite pop star Britney Spears to get the best make up and dress up for tonight date with her new boyfriend in this wonderful fashion celebrity dress up and makeover game.

Miley Cyrus DressUp Game

Pick matching hairstyle and accessories for Miley Cyrus and dress her up in stylish dresses and casual wear.

Kim Kardashian Dressup

Choose hair, clothes and accessories for Kim Kardashian and make her look glam.

Katie Holmes Dressup

Dress the always stylish Katie Holmes and pick the right hairstyle and accessories for her.

Salma Hayek Dressup

Dress movie star and tabloid favorite Salma Hayek and pick the right hairstyle and accessories for her.