Ninja run kick get bounce

Disc Smash

In this game you have to smash discs together to get points. If You smash a red disc with another red disc, You;ll get more points! You;ll only have 5 red discs.

Spring Bike

Spring. Ride your bike over all the obstacles as you keep from tipping over and crashing.

Pheasant Hunting

Lets go Pheasant Hunting! Use your shotgun to kill as many pheasants as you can. Make sure that you shoot only the roosters and not the hens or you will have points deducted. Score at least 1000 points to complete the level. After each new level the birds will fly a little bit faster.


Fish eat fish game with stunning side scrolling graphics and fx. Keep your fish happy, score points and grow your fish bigger!

Banana Rush

Gather all the bananas and get your prize!


This a basket game - like 3 point play. Shoot the ball to the basket.

Little Late Running Hood

Little Late Running Hood is late for her class, as usual. Help her get to class as fast as possible by shaking the mouse!

Pass and Shoot Training

How far can your squad keep hold of the ball in this pass and move football training session?

Goal Kick

Get the good shoot kick in the this turnament