Jumping Fun

This game is complete fun with 10 difficulty levels and amazing graphics. Its a single key game. In order to complete any level the player need to reach at the other end of the river by jumping on floating objects. While doing this the player needs to avoid falling in river. It;s not an easy task as you need to have very good judgment and skills to do so.

Urban Truck

You goals is to get to the checkpoint as fast as possible while going through challenging terrains, use nitro booster to get to the goal within the given time. Try not to crash other wise you will end up destroying the truck.

MTB Extreme Adventure

Downhill mountain Biking game

Control The Copter

Drive the helicopter to cover 6 maps. Simple but addicting and challenging.


MobSport is a sport-like game where the ball is a monster. It;s designed for multiplayer but is playable solo.

Skydiver Mach II

Use the mouse to swing through the air and swing into boxes to burst them open. Each box is worth the points displayed on the front and are worth more the harder they are to get and double if you have no arms or legs.

Shopping Cart Hero

Many have tried. Many have failed. Are you good enough to be the hero?

Kitty Throw

Throw kitty as far as you can in five attempts. Select direction and speed and throw kitty using mouse clicks. There are number of obstacles that you must take care of when throwing the cat.

666 Leaguehitter

Humanity has fallen to evil now demons are hitting zombies with spiked bats to see how far they can smah skulls.

CIA Protection

Obama travels to different states to make speeches where people in those states want to take him out.