mind reader

mind reader is a humor game for any age.its simple and you must enjoy it.

Shark Surf (Mandarin)

鯊魚、水母、大海浪...等障礙不斷襲來,究竟誰才是真正的浪版王者?快來挑戰! 非常有趣的衝浪冒險遊戲,玩家扮演衝浪小黑人,於衝浪的過程中,將遇到不時襲來的各種障礙。此外,於遇到障礙時,螢幕將指示玩家以鍵盤方向鍵按下不同的按鈕,需盡力完成也才有機會成為真正的衝浪高手喔!

Super Sumo

Use the arrow or W,A,S,D keys to attack the other sumo wrestler. If you knock him out of the ring you get a large bonus, but if you get knocked out of the ring you will quickly loose points.


a traditional filipino kids toy car racing game.


Help the small bad Yeti get out of this icy cave! Beware of the animals that guard the escapes and be sure that you gather all the fruits to keep your strength!

Swimming 2

The game where your character is little guy with a hat and you have to navigate him through an underwater cave without touching the walls.

Doozy Bubble

The Evil Forces have cast a magic spell on innocent Doozies condemning them to “Life in Bubble”. While some are trapped in Silver and Golden Bubbles, many are trapped in Metal bubbles that are harder to burst. Unable to break free on their own, Doozies are hopeful that You can come to their rescue and set them free by breaking the magic spell! Arm yourself with the paddle and shoot the ball to burst the bubbles and rescue Doozies. But your mission doesn’t end just there! The falling Doozies must make a safe landing on the paddle, and at the same time, you must ensure that you don’t lose the ball in the process. What’s more, if you’re fast enough and are able to burst a Golden Bubbles within 5 seconds, you will get an extra Bubble to burst, and rescue one more Doozy! So, are you ready to burst some bubbles & rescue your pals?

Shoe Dodge Bush

Your Nation calls you! Be the one to take a stand and choose your shoe wisely. Play the game and be the best!

Panda fun

A simple game where you have to make the panda jump over the snowman and stones and collect as many stars as possible.


NASA sends a challenge to the most experienced pilots. Moony is definitely going to prove that penguins can fly! Help him to win the challenge - avoid the collision with flying planets as long as you can! Try to earn all of the 3 awards! Send your highscore - be the toughest pinguin!