It;s getting hot with every passing second. Cool it down by forming words with 3 or more connecting letters.

8 ball pool

Just practice the 8 ball pool game and update your skill.

Fruit Puzzles

set piece of the puzzle into a picture

Razor Hockey

Chop off your opponents finger before they chop all of yours up.

Santa's Gift Jump

It;s Christmas Eve and Santa went skating on the frozen lake near his house. Just for a few minutes before he has to fly in his sleigh...

Polar Boar

This is the penguin;s idea of having fun :) Throwing a boar in the air.


You are a fisherman and your task is to get enough money by catching fish. You have to complete requirements at each level in order to get to the next level. Each following level has higher value fish, but the task to be completed is also more difficult. There are three kinds of hooks, high value fish can be picked only be high value hooks. In case you use a higher value hook and you catch a fish with lower value, you earn only half the money. Your hook can only be changed if it is pulled back to top position. Try saving time, since your time remaining can be taken on to the next level. Bonuses also swim in the water, but you can only pick them if there is no fish on your hook. Good Luck!

Monte Alpenspitze 08

Putt It In Golf - The Garden Park

Super relaxing mini-golf game with high quality graphics to have fun and shape-up your skills

Olympic Race (Mandarin)