Puzzle Soccer World Cup by GoalManiac.com


Match 3 or more Same Colored Balls in a row/column in this fun Matching Game!

Pool Shark

Pop all the red balls into the pockets. Use the mouse to control the direction and the speed of the white ball.


Welcome in our Ork-Arena young Ork-Warrior. Put the little pig with your putter into the cauldrons. - Willkommen in der Ork-Arena junger Ork-Krieger. Schlag das Schweinchen mit deinem Schläger in die Kessel.


Fast action games with balls - destroy your opponent before he crushed you.

Frog Race

Be the winner


Bounce balls through the field, keep the mouse down to add power to your shot, hit a same colored ball to remove it. The closer you come the more points you;ll receive. Make sure you don;t have more than 10 heart balls on screen or it;s game over!

Trekkie Pong

How would Pong been made on a Star Trek pad? Maybe like this. Have a look.

Classic Chess Game

defeate the enemy strategy of chess


A pingpong game with scores and sound effects.