PHOTO PLAY: Scary Mary

Mary, the famous spider, fights against her many enemies by creating large spiderwebs.


The soul of Qualz;s girlfriend is stolen by evil spirits. Try to get her soul back in this adventure platform game, good luck!

Bhoot Attack

Defend yourself from evil spirits before they possess you.

Peachs Pitch

Now its turn of Princess Peach to save the day. Help Princess Peach to defeat the Big Boos and the Shy-Guys throwing turnips to clear the way and save mushroom kingdom.

Witch Hunt 2

Nooboo Mary returns. More creeps, deeper story.

Amberial Axis

When you thought you had conquered everything, Amberial Axis comes and faces you with the biggest challenge of them all, Yours! Its time to beat yourself. 45 Challenges! Level Creator! Physics Engine!

Fish in the box

A nice and simple action/arcade game with cute animations, some black boxes with eyes and a flying fish... Play it to see what is all about

Fly High

In this game you are a ski jumper, and a glider flier. You can win the game only if you know your escape route.

Obama vs Osama

Use your Brand new shoes to violate The two most famous persons in the whole world, wise decisions will give you points and bad decisions will decrease your points.


BoxFace, armed with his bag on his head and the laser gun he lucky acquired, is now equip to save the world from the evil alien slug thingies! Get ready for a space adventure!