Virus Attack

You are the firewall and have to save your computer against the viruses. Try to catch as much as you can. But be careful: Let pass the security updates to save your computer. Otherwise you will be incapacitate and can do nothing for few seconds

Meteor Madness

Destroy as many meteors as you can....if you can.

Star Jumper

Use the stars to guide your ship through space!!!

Pumpkin Story

Halloween will be soon, and this game, reflecting the festive atmosphere, will also appeal to everyone.

Manic Miner

Manic Miner is a faithful remake of the old school classic of the same name originally written for the ZX Spectrum by Matthew Smith and released by Bug-Byte in 1983. It is the first game in the Miner Willy series and among the pioneers of the platform game genre. The original game itself was inspired by the Atari 800 game Miner 2049er.


warm is a multi-staged space shooter/avoider/thing. Aim for the highest score possible while making sure you make it out in one piece.

Captain Pot Adventure

Help Captain Pot in His Adventure Around The World!!!. Good Luck And Have Fun!!!


A fast paced word adventure. Kidnapped by pirates, you have joined the pirate crew as a slave, to fight against monsters that guard great treasures. Slay the monsters by forming words out of them and rise through the pirate ranks.

High Smiling

Guide your smiley as high as you can.

Princess and the Magical Fruit

Help the Princess collect the Magical Fruit that falls from the sky but watch out for monsters that try to slow her down.