You Only Live Once (only English audio)


Classic asteroids with colors and graphic. Asteroids are to be destroyed and avoided. Look for weapon power ups and see how far you can come.


Draw walls to keep you moving through endless waves of enemies.

Bugy:The TimeTraveler

Help Bugy to safely get home, using magic to travel trough time.

Captain Redrocket

How long can you resist? a) 10sec b) 5sec c) less than 5sec

Barry's Bad Night

Barry decides to leave his comfortable home and meet the neighborhood characters in this side scrolling platformer. He is assigned a mission to kill all the weeds in the land!

Chopix Adventures

Draw your own path and then skate it making jumps!

black fish (escape)

a fish in the sea.dangerous around,make good your escape !

Mean Bee!

Captain Galactic: Super Space Hero

Be a galactic hero in an epic adventure. Unleash your superpowers against enemies as you fly at lightning speed!