CrazeMaze! Compete against other players to complete this maze and post the highest score!

Avoider 2

Avoider 2! Avoid the shapes and submit the highest score

Avoider 3

Mouse avoider 3! Avoid the shapes and get a high score on the leaderboard

Splitty I

Help little Splitty gather the Sacred Fire and save the universe from the Evil Pumpkins.

So Horrible

Avoid the rotten tomatoes thrown on stage.

Nutty Trampoline

Nutty still has to collect his nuts before the winter starts. Can you help him?

Mouse Avoider 4

Mouse Avoider 4! Avoid the shapes

Aether: Episode 1 (Missangular)

The first episode of the epic space game Aether. You take on the role of a pilot whose ship has fallen under distress and must fight off wave after waver of missiles while you try to gather the required resources to repair you ship. This game is difficult, and will take practice if you hope to ever beat it or its following episodes.


Rumble & Tumble

Rumble & Tumble is a light platformer game where you must guide the main character through the stage, avoiding all the dangers that lurk.