Приготовление еды

Banana Split 16

Crazy Slider Puzzle with with a nutty Character that plays along!

Japanese Snacks Match

Tasty Japanese Traditional Snacks Match game! Tako-yaki, Tempura, Yaki-Ika....the list goes on!!

Chef Of War

You;re the little chef in a big kitchen that have to beat all the monsters. Use tomatoes on a line to hit them. Try to hit fast in a row to score extra points.

Squash The Bugs

Control the tank with the arrow keys and Squash the bugs. Funny game of a chef driving a tank to get rid of the bugs in his kitchen. He has to cook a nice meal and can;t use any bugs during his cooking.

Yummy Ice Cream

Imagine how perfect it would be to have a delicious ice cream in such a hot summer day. Even this cute little penguin can;t help making himself one. Now get started to help him make really tasty ice creams and enjoy yourself!

Cake Decoration

A lovely cake coloring game. You have cooked a very delicious cake and now its time to decorate it. Select the ingredients from the left and right part of the cake and start to decorate it as per your wish.

Dagwood bar

Learn what customer satisfaction is all about!

Kebab Fling

You are the kitchen warrior. Disciplined, skilled, and with razor sharp reflexes. You must prepare kebab orders the only way a warrior can: by having the ingredients launched at you and catching them on the skewer in mid-air. What? Would you expect any different, Master Chef?

Sara's Beach Ice Cream

Sara;s ice cream stall has been opened in the beautiful beach in Hawaii.So many people like to be here and Sara is so busy that she needs your help.Welcome to her ice cream shop.Now give her a hand and satisfied


Hamburger Building game where you match pairs of toppings to create your Burger!