Приготовление еды

Barbie Cakes

Barbies are beautiful and cakes are delicious.well,you should know what happens when cakes meets barbies and be made into barbie cakes.Let;s start to design the beautiful and delicious barbie cake.

Sundae Maker Delight

Create a Sundae

Spicy Fries!

a Quick paced selection and collection game, combined with some slot machine style action, A colorful collection of 3d and 2d visuals ,Spicy Fries is easy to learn to play and fun for everyone!

Super Dooper Dessert Deluxe

Create the ultimate yummy dessert your way!!

Shaquita's Pizza Maker

Create the perfect pizza

Burger Jam

A burger van game by robotJAM and Vaisaga project, serve customers as quickly as possible over 5 levels of this flash cooking game.


Kalipe is a unique stacking puzzle game. Let objects stack up until like objects combine into bigger objects and then click on them to collect. Don;t let object stacks get two high by removing some, watch out for Kalipe;s enemies who eat the objects, get rid of them quick! Any item clicked on will be collected by Kalipe, bad or good!

Birthday Cake Games

Anne;s good friend;s birthday is coming.Anita considered that nothing is better than to do a cake by herself.Help Anne making a nice and delicious cake as birthday gift.Maybe it;s better to make a birthday card for her friends.If you like,you can make a cake for someone and print it.It;s a great idea!

Ice-Cream and Cupcake Maker Deluxe

Create the Ultimate Tasty Treat!

Waitress Games

In the restaurant ,waiters and waitresses are all in beautiful,modern and fashion clothes.Dress them up with these uniforms and they look like more fashionable.