Sid Squid

Sid Squid;s first wacky adventure! This simple game can seem easy to start with but when your pulling off scores of over 10000 it gets pretty addictive!

Super Santa Land

Super Santa Land is a Super Mario clone for all retro games lovers. Help santa claus to get all gifts stolled by ugly kids.

the Flood Runner

Try your luck at beating the flood, long far, run hard and don;t forget to jump.


Gift Clicker

Gift Clicker is a small skill game. Its your task to remove the presents from the board as fast as possible. If the gifts reach to top of the screen, you will lose, so hurry up.

Space Dodger

A spiffy space game! Use the arrow keys to avoid the asteroids while staying as close to the middle of the screen as possible.


use space to fly for as long as you can - avoid the walls!


What You feel when You found Yourself being pooped by birds? In this funny game You have a chance to become pigeon and do caca all over the world. Avoid obstacles and do It! :)

Ninja Bricks

Test your reflexes and awareness in this funny, parody game.

Monkey X-Mas Present

Collect the X-Mas presents before time runs out! Collecting X-Mas decorations will extend your time and increase your score!