sled ping

Collect santa;s xmas trees. Avoid the red ones!

Rocket Launcher

Launch model rockets, buy upgrades, buy better rockets, and launch them into space.

Garrik in Jungle

In this small but rather fascinating game you are to collect all the fruits on this paradise island, but it is not easy to do... Just try... and have fun!!!

Galaxy - lv2

Galaxy is the action game, this the old game but I mede it for you who like this game. This game for everryone. OK have funs…

Spider Attack

A butterfly flew into the spider web! Try to defend it long enough so it can break free!


Use you mouse cursor like a blade and slash stuff!

The Firefly Collector

Go on, take a break, catch some magical fireflies in the tranquil woods!

Elevatorz 2

Mr. Jitters is back for some more elevator avoiding fun! Your job is again to cross all the floors within the time limit, while avoiding the elevators. But this time there are 5 buildings, with each a different objective!

Rushback Jack

Big hurry ! You have 60 seconds to run as far as you can AND COME BACK. Adrenalize yourself and prepare for the rush...

Shuriken Escape 2

This is the second chapter of your ninja training! Survive as long as possible from shurikens and explosive kunais! This time you have 3 invisibility jutsu to help you survive longer!