French Can Can Game

Dress up the French Can Can Dancer!

Barbie Magic Night

Join the magic world of barbie. Enjoy with this beatifull game and help babie to become real her wonderfull dreams.

Edward Cullen's Fashionably Late

Edward Cullen tries to remain pretty snazzy for a vampire. Dress him for the ultimate allure-factor no matter where he may be off to!

Snow Fairy

It;s a wonder she can stay so warm amidst snowflakes, but such is the magic of this beautiful Snow Fairy Princess. Use all the options to fully customize and dress up your Fairy!

Pet Kitty in Gift Box

Tina bought this cute kitty as a Thanksgiving present for her little sister because she always wants to have a pet kitty. Please help Tina dress up this lovely kitty and decorate this gift box before wrapping it up. Imagine how surprise her sister would be when she receives this perfect gift!

Brave Beauty Warriors

The dark lord is attacking earth again! Our brave beauty warriors are ready to fight back and protect our homeland. Please help them with the big makeover before setting off. Don;t forget to choose a weapon for each of them! Go girls!

Turkey Dressup

Dress the fat Turkey in various funny outfits and dressup the cute little girl too! When you are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day just print your result.

Diva Dress-Up

Help dress up this singing diva so that she looks perfect when she hits the stage to perform.

Creative Handbag Design

Handbags are one of the most important items for fashion girls like you. Want to have a handbag that could truly reflect your special taste and personality? Come and design an exclusive handbag with your favorite pattern and decorations. Don;t forget to enter your name as a designer!

Mega kawaii dressup game

Dress up the kawaii girl with the HUGE collection of Kawaii items!