Beautiful Gal Makover 1

You are one of the only professional makeup stylists and makeover professionals in your area. Many beautiful gals come to you to receive the makeover of their life. Give this beautiful young woman a complete makeover choosing from various types of clothes, accessories, makeup and hair style for her to wear. Choose carefully as your reputation may depend on it for future clients.

Princess Fashion

In the ancient Kingdom of Hope, the old king has five beautiful daughters: Diana, Sally, Fiona, Maria and Cindy. The royal sisters enjoy dressing up themselves and having parties. As a royal stylist, please select one of your favorite princesses and dress her up sharp and nice. Her other sisters will be so jealous of her!

Kat Von D's Inked Up

Kat Von D is a woman who knows all about fashion, and it doesn;t just stop at fabric! Make her look fabulous from her clothes to her tats!

Christmas Fashion Dressup

Dress the girl in bright and fashionable clothes for Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Classic and nice Christmas tree dress up.

Sunny Day

Sunny day is a day where fashion is sunny. Put your dress into a sunny design.

Twilight Bella Swan Dress Up

Twilight Bella Swan Dress Up Game.

Funky Hairstyles

Anyone knows what it;s like to feel moody, just because you had a bad hair day. Well say goodbye to bad hair days, because this game brings hair styling to a whole new level. Play with the color of your hair, as well as the color of each individual highlight to create a funky and catchy hairstyle and combine it with a fitting facial expression and clothing!

Christmas Gift Girl

Christmas is drawing near, to show love and thanks to her family and friends and wish them a merry Christmas, Jasmine dicides to shop for Christmas gifts. Please dress her up before she set off to the store. Make sure she looks like a pretty Christmas fairy! Enjoy!

Christmas Nail Art

You must have received so many Christmas party invitations. Besides fabulous party dresses, shoes and accessaries, it;s also a great idea to give your nails a bling bling manicure. Please make full use these colorful nail polishes, decals, rings and other decorations to create your nail design. Have fun!