Solitaire-Bottle Caps

It is a solitaire game with bottle caps. Use your mouse to take all the bottle caps off the board one at a time, except the last one. A move is affected by one bottle cap jumping over an adjacent one into a vacant block beyond. Any direction is permitted except diagonally. You are allowed to design your own board and play it! More bottle caps means more challenges! Hope you Enjoy it:)

Avatar Puzzle

Play this puzzle game from the Avatar movie. Put the jig saw pieces in the right position on the right place and create a beautiful picture.


Find the two images that matches as fast az possible.

Prizma Puzzle 2

Fast Flood

Flood-fill an area of blocks with a replacement color to connect three or more same colored blocks.

School Age: Sea Battle

Sudoku 2010

Best flash sudoku game available. Self genaerating puzzle game, infinit nubmer of puzzles. It save progress so you can finish started game at any time!

Racing Car Slider Puzzle

Great sliding puzzle game with a picture of a racing car. Slide the pieces into the empty spaces to create the picture. Choose your difficulty on the top.


Just try to find the wanted color and click it with your mouse! How many points can you make?

Random Word UnScramble

Find out what the hidden word is, unscramble the letters to solve the word puzzle